...you gotta know

We love your creativity and the endless stream of inspiration that flows within our team.
Our fashion brand JKobald is all about discovery and the big unknown called tomorrow. 

We design ...well if you are here, I guess for you.

Our fashion brand and production house is located in Vienna/Austria.
It is run by the Kobald family, many friends and growing creative staff.

Now let´s start with our little history. Here you can find samples of our contemporary fashion,
an ever so evolving press text and various links to our social media profiles and online shop.

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wearing spring shirts

Some pictures of our ambassadors around the world wearing the latest JKobald design

more on social media ...

  • finishing our summer catalogue
  • promoting our big discount on our summer shirts
  • first team meeting about autumn trends
  • preparing online promotion 29. 05. 17.


Shirts ...

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