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For: Austria, Southern Germany and South Tyrol
Mag. Uli & Gerhard Cocron
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A – 5101  Bergheim 
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*Business opportunities                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Thank you very much for being interested in our brand.
I would like to give you a quick introduction of possible business cooperation. Our brand has been growing over the last six years in an unfavourable business environment; nevertheless we have managed to open 6 selling locations and to build our production from scratch. Today we are a small but resilient upcoming fashion house.

> We are interested in connecting with new franchise partners in new countries and new opportunities.
> We are open for potential investors (business angels) who bring, knowledge and connections into our endeavor.

We are looking forward and are curious to hear your ideas.



Today is a good day to become a new franchise partner.

Step one: we will send you a small presentation to give you an overall image of the JKobald brand and cooperation opportunities Steps 2 3 and 4 will follow a process to find the right partner and way of growing in business together.

We are open for cooperation worldwide but primarily we are looking to expand our network in South Eastern Europe,
the Mediterranean and Maghreb region

JKobald offers to new partners our network, our experience and start up support.
JKobald has managed during the last six years a dynamic growth rate in a non favourable business environment
so in all humbleness: we know how.

Becoming a JKobald franchise partner is cooperating with a team of devoted fashion and quality lovers.
A team that is truly looking for more.

We on the other hand hope that our partners invest the spirit to grow with our brand.
Our claim: “Something done well” is more than just words to us.


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